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One Of Rihanna's Makeup Products Secretly Solves An Annoying Beauty Problem

Rih is ALWAYS looking out.

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line tackled major gaps in the industry and showed makeup companies just what it means to be inclusive.

But one of the products is solving a smaller ― but nevertheless annoying ― beauty problem for those of us constantly losing bobby pins or earrings in makeup bags.

Twitter user @ItsShelbyTho recently pointed out that Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix packaging is magnetic.

“I threw all my earrings in my makeup bag and my FENTY set caught all of them... wow @rihanna never stops giving back,” she tweeted.

A few days later, Fenty Beauty replied to Shelby’s tweet:

Thanks to Rihanna, we won’t have to waste time rummaging for earrings, tweezers or anything else metallic that’s buried in the depths of our makeup bag.

Beauty lovers are clearly psyched about the innovation:

Praise Rihanna. What will she solve next?