Of Course The French Have Better Sex If Our Idea Of Sex Is Limited To Men's Ideals

There's really nothing like a conversation with someone who doesn't live here to make you remember how puritanical America is when it comes to sexuality – and women's pleasure, specifically. In a pretty wonderful exchange between New York magazine's Maureen O'Connor and French GQ sex columnist Maia Mazaurette, the women take on first dates ("There is no first date. There is just first sex"), open relationships and sex toys. Short version: I'll see you all in Paris.

Mazaurette seems genuinely baffled by the curious coupling of American prudishness and male-centric sex: she worries that any American man she might date would think she was a "slut" based on French norms, and she doesn't understand why American women give unreciprocated blow jobs. "I don't pleasure in my mouth. It's very mysterious to me, why an American woman would do that," she told O'Connor.

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