Of Monsters And Men Gets The Ben Stiller Boost From 'Walter Mitty' Trailer

Band Gets Big Time Ben Stiller Boost

Of Monsters and Men already has a cult following, but it's Ben Stiller that the band should be thanking for some big time exposure. The band's "Dirty Paws" was used prominently in the trailer for Stiller's forthcoming movie, "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," a boost that Billboard reports increased song sales from a stagnant 1,000 a week to 6,700 a week since the trailer's release.

The twist is that "Dirty Paws" was released in April of 2012 as the second single off their debut studio album, "My Head Is an Animal." Without much radio support or, as Billboard reports, even a radio campaign, the song didn't really make much of an impact outside the band's fanbase. Things have changed: Republic Records and Universal Music Group are now looking to capitalize on the "Walter Mitty" sunlight and may work the song for radio, more than a year after its original release.

More good news for Of Monsters and Men: The song not only underscores the entire trailer, it's also appearing in the movie itself. As we've previously noted, many trailers use songs that aren't in the movies the previews are promoting. "We Found Love" works well in the trailer for "Magic Mike" but doesn't appear in the film, and the same goes for M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" and "Pineapple Express." A gallery of further examples is available below.

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