Offbeatr, A Kickstarter For Porn, Was Inevitable Because, Well, The Internet Is For Porn

Welcome To The Kickstarter For Porn

It seems that if any totally safe-for-work service exists on the Internet, there's bound to be a "for porn" version of it created at some point. Call it a sub-rule of Rule 34 of the Internet.

And now that Kickstarter's been around for four years, the time for a crowdfunding platform devoted just to porno projects is finally here. Internet, meet Offbeatr.

Going live last Thursday, Offbeatr operates like you'd expect a Kickstarter-for-porn to operate: Anyone with an idea -- a film, book, event, game, product -- that needs funding can post a call for money, and others can donate to the projects of their choosing and get rewards for their support.

The main difference (we can't emphasize this enough) is that everything on Offbeatr is porn-related.

The site's founders, Ben Tao and Eric Lai of Extra Lunch Money, found a nice market niche, since the prudes at Kickstarter prohibit "pornographic material." We've seen this before: When mainstream sites like Facebook YouTube ban porn, sexually-explicit versions of those services inevitably crop up online. Bearing names like Faceporn, Redtube, and YouPorn (sorry, no links to those very NSFW sites), many don't even try hiding that they're playing off the associations. Even Pinterest, where you can find the occasional naughty post, has been cloned by porn-loving content sharers. None of this is surprising, since, after all, the Internet is for porn.

Even if you never ever look at porn, Offbeatr's still interesting. It's actually improved on the Kickstarter model in two ways. First, perusers can upvote projects that interest them without donating any money, giving creators another stream of feedback besides amount of cash raised and allowing them to tweak pitches sooner. Second, porno makers can sell directly on Offbeatr, turning it into "something more like a digital marketplace," says GigaOM. Watch out, Amazon.

Fortunately for office workers everywhere, both SFW and NSFW versions of the site exist. So you're safe to click on this link and check out tame versions of the porno proposals yourself. Ever wanted to watch young gay Mormon men get it on or read a comic book about furries having sex. Then please fund Got Mormon Milk? or Inside the Candy Box.

[h/t psfk via Gizmodo]

Check out the safe version of the site:


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