Office Affairs Begin At Holiday Parties, Reports

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Spouse Go To The Office Holiday Party Alone

Worried about letting your spouse attend his or her office holiday party alone? According to -- a dating site for married people looking to cheat -- you have good reason to be.

A recent Ashley Madison press release reveals that out of 23,455 people polled (all of whom have accounts on the site), 46.1 percent of men and 37.4 percent of women have had an affair with a co-worker. Among these cheaters, 72.2 percent of women and 59.8 percent of men say that they had their first encounter with the affair partner at an office holiday party.

The founder and CEO of Ashley Madison, Noel Biderman, explained why these gatherings are breeding grounds for extra-marital liaisons: "[They] offer an informal atmosphere, and when mixed with alcohol and pent-up sexual tensions between two colleagues, it’s a recipe for disaster."

And while not everyone acts on the temptation, many people have entertained the idea of a tryst with a colleague. Data from the website indicates that 89.1 pecent of men and 83.2 percent of women have thought about having an affair with a co-worker. Even more shocking is that 94.7 percent of men and 96.3 percent of women have copped to having sexual fantasies about someone in their office.

We want to know: Are company holiday parties a recipe for marital disaster? Let us know in the comments, then click through the slides below to test your knowledge about other cheating statistics.

QUESTION: According to an online study, women with what color hair are more likely to cheat?

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