Want To Change Your Office Culture? Trying Adding A Ball Pit.

The creative team at London-based design agency Pearlfisher believes that work environments today have grown too serious, focusing on goals without nurturing the creativity needed to achieve them. So to break up the monotonous routine of the day, they introduced a ball pit for employees. Senior creative strategist Jack Hart, who is the mastermind behind the office's latest installation, joined HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani today to explain his unusual solution to a common problem.

"We wanted to understand what types of creativity people had in common," said Hart. "One of the most transformative ways of doing that is through this idea of play, and this idea of taking our inspiration from childlike imagination, and then using a ball bit to bridge that idea of adulthood and childhood and bring the two together. It's something that brings out the inner child in everyone, so it felt like the perfect way to bring that idea to fruition."

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