This Is What Everybody Really Does In The Office Bathroom

What happens in the work bathroom stays in the work bathroom. That is, until a Swedish hygiene company decides to ask nearly 14,000 workers in 13 countries what the heck it is they do in there.

Turns out workers across the globe do a whole range of things in the office bathroom, according to the survey by Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, which commonly goes by SCA. They laugh, they cry, they even exercise.

One of the survey's biggest takeaways is that Americans have it pretty good. U.S. workers ranked most likely to be satisfied with the bathroom situation at work. To be precise, 87 percent of workers said they were satisfied with their work bathrooms, which is more than any other nation surveyed. Thirteen percent of Americans went as far as to say they prefer their work bathrooms to their home bathrooms.

But it's not all roses. A quarter of U.S. workers said they don't like using the bathroom at work at all. So what do workers do in the bathroom? Here's a handy breakdown:

81 percent just use the toilet.

We assume the other 19 percent are either holding it or live extremely close to work.

46 percent wash or freshen up.

This is especially true if your job is acting in cleanser commercials.

24 percent talk on the phone.

There's one in every office.

22 percent change clothes.

Usually happens directly after the walk of shame (or about 18 hours before it).

19 percent text message.

Really? Only 19 percent?

15 percent put on makeup.

100 percent of them as effortlessly as Anne Hathaway, of course.

15 percent take a break to be alone for a little while.

Otherwise known as "What am I doing with my life?" time.

11 percent take a break to release frustration.

Sounds like a euphemism if we've ever heard one.

10 percent have private conversations face to face.

Or shoulder to shoulder in some cases.

8 percent take a shower.

Sometimes you just don't have a choice.

7 percent take a break to cry.

What's a bathroom even worth if you can't cry in it sometimes?

7 percent smoke.

Why not just take a smoke break outside?

6 percent just keep working and sending emails.

It's where some people get their best ideas.

5 percent eat some food.

We get the appeal, but there's got to be a cleaner place to eat by yourself.

3 percent take a nap.

Napping is never a bad idea, until half of your face looks like the bathroom wall.

3 percent exercise.

Um, what?

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