Office Building By Courthouse Posts Taylor Swift's Lyrics To Support Taylor Swift

A crafting company in Denver, Colorado, is sending sweet messages to the singer as she faces trial.

A company in Denver, Colorado, refuses to let their office window be a blank space.

Craftsy, a crafting website, is located across the street from the courthouse where Taylor Swift’s trial is taking place, and they’ve been showing their support for the singer in their own, crafty way. 

Employees from the company have been using Post-it notes to leave messages for Swift on their window. 

One of Craftsy’s creative messages of support.
One of Craftsy’s creative messages of support.

“Taylor is a creative and inspiring woman,” Chelsea Nickerson, community associate at Craftsy told HuffPost. “She’s been such a positive influence in so many people’s lives, we just wanted to send some of that positivity back to her.”

Nickerson told HuffPost that on Tuesday, Craftsy’s customer support supervisor Carly Chapple came into work and noticed the crowd outside the company’s window.

Inside Craftsy’s offices.
Inside Craftsy’s offices.

“Being a fan and a maker she saw an opportunity to creatively show support,” Nickerson said. “The Post-its just happened to be sitting on her desk, so she grabbed them and put up the first sign, ‘Free Tay.’”

People wrote 'Free Tay!' with sticky notes in an office window across the street from the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse on Augus
People wrote 'Free Tay!' with sticky notes in an office window across the street from the Alfred A. Arraj Courthouse on August 8, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.

On Wednesday, Craftsy started getting creative with their messages, and made references to Swift’s songs:

On Thursday, the company referenced Swift’s song “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Employees decided to utilize Swift’s second album title on Friday:

Swifties are really digging the messages.

On Thursday, Swift delivered a testimony in Denver about a 2013 incident in which former DJ David Mueller allegedly “grabbed [her] ass” by putting his hand up the back of skirt while posing for a photo. 

Swift was unwavering in her account of the situation in court.

At one point, Gabriel McFarland, Mueller’s lawyer, questioned Swift about her outfit in the photo, asking her why the front of her skirt didn’t seem disturbed. To that, the singer immediately shot back with, “Because my ass is located in the back of my body.”  

Apparently, she’s not just going to shake this off. And, as the Craftsy messages clearly imply, fans love her for it.

This story has been updated with comments from Chelsea Nickerson.

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