Officer Shot, Man Killed After '8 On 8' Brawl In Walmart Parking Lot

A Cottonwood, Arizona police officer was shot in the leg and a suspect was killed during a parking lot brawl outside a Walmart.

Officers responded when a female employee said she'd been assaulted at about midnight on Sunday, according to Verde News. Eight suspects in the parking lot reportedly ambushed officers as soon as they arrived. One cop sustained a gunshot wound, while one of the suspects was shot and killed and another was shot in the stomach.

Another six suspects were arrested. All of the assailants were family members, police said.

During the melee, a Walmart employee attempted to help the Cottonwood officers and he suffered a broken arm, said Capt. Johnson of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

In all, said Johnson, eight officers and another Walmart employee were assaulted in the parking lot during the fight.

"It was 8 on 8," Johnson said. "Eventually, they were all subdued and are in custody. The officer and the man who was shot in the abdomen were flown to Flagstaff Medical Center. The officer underwent surgery and is in stable condition. There is no medical update on the suspect."

The 31-year-old officer who was shot is expected to make a full recovery, AZ Central reports.