Officer Washes Blind, Homeless Man's Feet

“It’s just helping your fellow man."

A man in need got a helping hand washing his feet.

Sgt. Steve Wick of the Houston Police Department cleaned the feet and clipped the toenails of a man named Quintus, who is homeless, nearly blind and sells newspapers to get by. 

The sweet moment was caught in a photo and posted to the Houston Police Officers’ Union’s Facebook page earlier this month, where it has received over a thousand likes and almost 900 shares.

Wick is part of an outreach team that assists homeless people and their efforts are documented in order to keep track of their progress, according to KHOU.

“It’s just helping your fellow man. Reaching out to your community. I think this is how we serve the community best,” Colin Mansfield, the officer who took the picture, told KHOU.

Quintus is about 95 percent blind due to glaucoma, according to ABC. 

The day the photo was taken, Wick and Mansfield saw that Quintus was having a difficult time getting around. When the pair approached Quintus, they noticed that the 75-year-old man had soiled himself. The officers took Quintus to a facility to take a shower, according to ABC. 

When Wick noticed that Quintus’ feet could use a little TLC, he cleaned them and clipped the man’s nails.

The officers took Quintus to a shelter and are working to set him up with an eye doctor and social services, according to ABC. 

“We are men and women of service, we took an oath to protect you and we will lay down our lives for you,” the Houston Police Officers’ Union wrote on Facebook alongside the photo. “This is who we are, this is what we stand for!”



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