The Official Cronut Recipe From Dominique Ansel IS HERE

It explains why people wait so long for just two Cronuts.

Before you start celebrating the fact that you finally have your hands on the actual, real-deal, official Cronut recipe -- and that you no longer have to rely on crescent knock-offs -- you should know that this recipe is DIFFICULT. Not just hard, but extremely hard. Like, is-it-even-worth-it hard.

Dominique Ansel, while promoting his new cookbook Dominique Ansel: Secret Recipes (out October 28), has shared his recipe with ABC's Good Morning America and not only is it long, involved and calls for a whole slew of special equipment, but the website has filed this recipe's difficulty level under extreme. This is not a joke.

The recipe, which goes on for paragraphs upon paragraphs, takes a total of three days to make. THREE. DAYS. It absolutely requires a stand mixer -- to beat in the 26 tablespoons of butter -- and a ruler, because that's the kind of recipe you're dealing with. And guess what? This is the at-home version of the Cronut recipe. We imagine it gets far more complicated when baked in a bakery.

After months of mocking the Cronut and its never-ending line, we can finally say this: we get it. We totally and completely get that this beautiful pastry is worth the hours of wait because it takes ages to make.

If you don't live in New York (nor plan to visit any time soon) AND if you have buckets of patience, head on over to ABC for the full, official Cronut recipe. And, good luck!

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