Official: Iraqi PM's National Security Advisor Took Cellphone Video Of Saddam's Execution...

From The New York Times:

Iraq's Shiite-led government said on Tuesday that it had ordered an investigation into the abusive behavior at the execution of Saddam Hussein, who was subjected to a battery of taunts by official Shiite witnesses and guards as he awaited his hanging...

...Mr. Maliki seemed equally keen to ward off the opprobrium stirred by the execution. As his aides announced that the events at the hanging would be the subject of an inquiry, one of the officials who attended the hanging, a prosecutor at the trial that condemned Mr. Hussein to death, said that one of two men he had seen holding a cellphone camera aloft to make a video of Mr. Hussein's last moments -- up to and past the point where he fell through the trapdoor -- was Mowaffak al-Rubaie, Mr. Maliki's national security adviser. Attempts to reach Mr. Rubaie were unsuccessful. The prosecutor, Munkith al-Faroun, said the other man holding a cellphone above his head was also an official, but he could not recall his name.

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