Olympic Officials Lose Keys To Stadium, Pull Out The Bolt Cutters


The Rio Olympics did not get off to a smooth start.

Though the Opening Ceremonies for the 2016 Olympics will be held Friday, the games began Wednesday with the group stage for women’s soccer. However, Rio officials did not seem to be very well-prepared, apparently losing the keys to one of the Olympic Stadium’s two gates.

According to BBC reporter Julia Carneiro, the key for the east gate had been misplaced, forcing fans to line up for two hours before being sent to another entrance.

Three men, described as firemen by Carneiro, then arrived on scene with bolt cutters and had to break the lock to get the gate open.

With all the problems and criticism Rio has been facing leading up to the Olympics, this incident certainly doesn’t bolster the case that the city is ready and prepared to host the games safely and effectively.

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