The Offline Glass Will Make Sure You Focus On Your Friends, Not Your Phone

Do you have a friend who can never put his or her phone down? Doesn't matter where you are or what you're talking about, that person's phone never leaves their hands? Now there's a clever solution to that problem. A glass that only stands up straight when it's placed on top of a cell phone.

The Offline Glass is basically a big beer glass that has an iPhone-sized notch cut out of the bottom. Though we don't think that phone addicts would be comfortable putting a glass full of liquid on top of their beloved gadgetry, apparently the glasses have been so popular at the Sao Paulo bar where they are being tested that drinkers have been stealing them, according to Fast Company.

Last year, a blogger named Brian Perez invented another way of getting people to part with their cell phones. When going out to dinner with friends, Perez suggested that everyone put their phones facedown in a pile. The first person who touches his or her phone before the check comes has to pay the bill. If everyone holds out, the check is split evenly.

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