Oh Deer! 'Huge Buck' Leaps Over Motorcyclist In Heart-Stopping Video

The "deer crossing" sign on this road is not to be ignored.

Adrenaline-filled video captured the scary moment a large white-tailed deer jumped over a motorcyclist, causing him to wipe out.

The video, which was filmed along the outskirts of Alexandria, Virginia, shows a group of motorcyclists riding on the George Washington Memorial Parkway. Everything appears to be going smoothly until, seconds after passing a “deer crossing” sign, a real-life deer dashes into the road.

Instead of turning tail and running, the deer hoofs it directly towards the bikers and leaps right over one of them. While the deer appears to land safely on the on the other side, the rider wasn’t quite so lucky.

It’s unclear whether the buck bumped him or a desperate attempt to avoid hitting the deer caused it, but the video shows the bike go down on its side and the rider tumble over the handlebars.

The moment after the buck made his move.
The moment after the buck made his move.

“That was a huge buck,” the rider who filmed the incident can be heard saying after the accident.

Despite the ferocity of the impact, the motorcyclist was apparently not injured. He gets back on his bike and when asked if he’s all right, says, “I’m good.”

The video, which was recorded in September 2015, only began attracting attention this week, when it was picked up by several media outlets. It was reportedly made during the 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s’ ride in Washington DC, which benefits prostate cancer research.

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