This '13 Reasons Why' Actor Became A Meme For Being Too Grown And Sexy

This is not what our sophomore year of high school looked like.

“13 Reasons Why” ― the mega popular Netflix high school drama ― is getting a ton of critical buzz for its honest depiction of bullying, sexual assault and suicide. 

There’s also something a lot less serious people on Twitter are talking about: How most of the cast members on the show ― specifically 26-year-old Ross Butler ― are way too mature-looking to play high schoolers.

Butler, who plays high school jocks on both “13 Reasons Why” and the CW’s “Riverdale,” has prom-king good looks but let’s be honest here: on what planet does a sophomore high schooler look like this? (And if you know, please send 15-year-old us there in a time machine.) 

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To illustrate what a typical high school student looks like, people are posting hilarious compare-and-contrast photos of themselves and the Asian American actor.

Case in point, this guy, who has a little less swagger than Butler, with all due respect: 

Or this slightly more realistic high school jock: 

Or this selfie taker: 

Yeah, that’s more like it. 

In any case, props to Ross: If you’re going to become a meme, it may as well be based on your ridiculously handsome good looks.

See more of the hilarious comparisons below: 



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