Oh, It's College.

Dear "Oh, It's College",

It all starts like this, "College, freaking college dude"... No dude, it's life, but I'm going to break down this bizarre world called "college" for one second. This exciting new period for many people is consumed with partying, drinking, sex and the famous "It's college" line that slips out after one has majorly screwed up the night before. While most skip classes on their parent's dime and some even skip on their own dime, others develop a horrible pattern of eating poorly, and a few stay up all night doing meaningless things, but none the less passing the time. Other times are consumed with drinking, partying in mansions called frat houses, and in turn have kids by the masses coming home to a very foggy memory. While this doesn't cover everyone's life, it has become the umbrella of "oh it's college" and something to look forward to after a High School graduation.

In this very moment, I find myself ranting to a friend, as I continued to talk like my life depends upon it, she looks up from her bed cluttered with over-priced textbooks and said, "Why is college so bizarre?" As she sat there staring wide-eyed at me, I realized that with one odd statement she had taken the needle to my college bubble and popped it right into the thin air. Think about it, why has getting drunk to the point of blacking out, eating crap that blows us up like a balloon, and staying up till five in the morning become the highlight of our young lives? It's bizarre; there is no other time in our entire life that we will run rampant through a small square radius, most likely spending our parent's dimes, drinking like our life depended on it, and skipping classes like college is actually optional? Pass or fail? Eh I got four years to recover, come on its college dude.

But dude, come on it's your life? There's no way you haven't had the moment that happens to you while you're sitting in the magical front seat of a friend's car realizing that you honestly do have dreams and aspirations that go beyond partying and drinking. Where you realize YOU could eat healthy, YOU could make a 4.0, YOU could get a job and be successful, and YOU are pretty confident you could reach the imaginary bar if you tried hard enough. As you sprawl out in the seat that opened your eyes, you think, "Wow, this is what college should be". Except like all great ideas, you say your goodbye to the magical seat, and your dreams and aspirations have stayed nice and locked in the vehicle.

I'm sure at this point you all think that I'm about to go tell you to run like your life depended on it and grab those dinky old keys and reach for the bar, am I right? Well, I'm sorry because if it were that type of article that would just allow you to drop this right along with all the other things you've wasted your time on today. You don't need me to tell you to reach for this so-called infamous "bar" that holds all our dreams and ambitions. For it lies within the moments, where we wake up feeling as the "world is our oyster." Just as the feeling overwhelms the awaken, the temptations and personas of college slip the bright wondering eyes a NyQuil and the so-called oyster became an afterthought beneath their snoozing eyelids.

In this bizarre little world, we all know the feeling, yet all of us seem to wonder around like the blind leading the blind confused on exactly what we are attending college for. It seems, as none of us actually know how to sustain the feeling we once had in the magic car and feeling of being high on life. That moment where the bar that was easily within reach, yet, it still continue to fade and the frat lights turned back, and if you're anything like me, Netflix asks whether you're still there, and we've inevitably pushed the bar to tomorrow's to-do list. Then tomorrow's to-do list became next week while next week became next months, and before you realize it, the bar has yet to be met. The question we ask is not why are we not reaching for the bar, or what is the bar because you'd be lying if you claimed not to have the answers to these questions. The question is who has the quotes of all quotes, or the epiphany of all epiphanies that can inspire each and every one of us daily to step up to the plate and aspire to reach our individual bars? For if you have the lucky trick to push us out of this bizarre lifestyle I urge you to share, for the college world needs you.


Yes, Netflix, of course I'm still watching.