22 Things Every Former Emo Kid Knows To Be True

i’M nOt OkAy (I pRoMiSe).

Man, how embarrassing was your childhood. 

1. Remember when angsty lyrics spoke to your soul? 

2. It was tough trying to convince your parents that yelling in songs is perfectly normal.

3. It was even tougher trying to take your skinny jeans off.

4. Your closet consisted of Hot Topic and overpriced band merchandise.

5. You could never wear enough eyeliner.

6. Ugh, and when your eyeliner broke?? :(

 7. Your bedroom was decked out in Kerrang! posters.

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8. No one EVER understood your undying love for Fall Out Boy.  

9. Or how angry you got when your favorite band became mainstream.

10. You experienced emotional pain from missing out on Warped Tour.

11. You had somehow successfully convinced yourself that mosh pits are safe and cool.

12. Your AIM away messages had to showcase lyrics from your *favorite* emo anthem.

13. And you took way too many selfies before deciding which one would make the cut for your Myspace profile pic.  

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14. You dreamt of ear gauges.

15. And star tattoos you knew your parents will never let you get. 

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16. Sharpies were your best friend.

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17. You spent hours trying to get those perfect side-swooped bangs. 

18. These were your hands after dying your hair Manic Panic.

19. Studded belts were your everything.


20. Converse was your world.

21. You hated being called "goth."

22. But, most of all, you hated being called emo.

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