Oh My Dear Heart, Bless You!

I wanted to write this blog for a long time, but I wanted to wait until I could grasp all of my feelings together about this topic so I could make sense of them. So here it goes, there are two kinds of people in the world, the "feeler's" and the "thinker's". Personally, I am a person who feels everything and takes all decisions from the heart. What I have learned from all of my experiences thus far in life is that people who feel a whole lot tend to make decisions from the heart and the heart does and will every time take control over the thought process.

The brain will always tell you what's the practical thing to do, but what you'll always end up doing is what you really feel. This can be good in so many ways. "Feeler's" have the capacity to do whatever they feel without the fear of external factors which is something that holds back practical thinkers from doing what they would in a perfect world. People who follow their heart are the risk takers and we know that only the risk takers end up living their dream life to the fullest. They are a free spirit. Free and flowing with different emotions and having the ability to take everything in, processing it , and moving on ahead. Sometimes they go through the same situations on repeat because of the helplessness of their nature to use their feelings to make decisions which at times are the same decisions. Once they go through the same processes over and over again, they become unbreakable! Being unbreakable in this world and time is KEY to living life to the fullest regardless of what's going on around you. Remember, those who have known what's it like to be broken, can be the only ones to possess the quality of being unbreakable. No one can understand the state of being broken better than the "feelers" and it's the process of going through the same situations on repeat (because of the choices we make based on how we feel) which makes us that strong in the end when we have finally learned the lesson needed to learn.

It took me a while to accept the fact that my heart will again and again hijack my mental thought process. Yes, I am among the few people whose thought process does not flow from the brain, rather from the heart. I admit that in difficult situations, I felt victimized by my own helplessness to make the same mistakes based of how I felt, rather than do what my brain was telling me. But You know what though? Those mistakes were lessons learned. People who make decisions based on our hearts go through more life lessons than people who make decisions based on their mental thought process. The more lessons, the more you grow! All these extra lessons also teach us a lot about our unique power. Our power to bring out the extra strength we have deep down within ourselves, the amount of patience we have, and our ability to tackle anything and everything which comes our way. The good thing is that when we truly have had enough of something, our heart naturally comes to an agreement with our mind. Before that happens, my fellow feeler's don't even try to force practical thinking in a situation where your heart feels so strong because it will only fire back. It will disappoint you because in the end, you will eventually become a salve to your heart. Let your heart and mind come to natural agreement. That's when we truly learn, grow, and move ahead.