Oh No! The Farm Bill Stole My Baby! (video)

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Do you ever wonder why highly processed foods are so profitable for the food industry? The Farm Bill makes their primary ingredients cheaper, and favors industrial producers over small farmers. Fresh fruits and vegetables don't offer the same opportunities for making money.

Parent Earth and Community Food Security Coalition launch PARENTS STAND UP FOR FOOD
campaign to educate families about the farm bill with 3 new compelling short videos.

The U.S. adopts a new Farm Bill every 5-7 years, and the new one is being decided over the next few months. This massive piece of legislation sets the framework for what we eat, whether our food is nourishing and affordable, what assistance our society provides to feeding hungry people, what crops farmers grow, and how rural land is used.

Most parents don't know that the Farm Bill is the most important bill that affects what our children eat. Our nation's children are under-nourished and overfed. Not only is this devastating for families, but we have an obesity epidemic that costs our nation over $147 billion a year! It is time for the 150 million parents in this country to pay attention to the Farm Bill.

Parent Earth is giving away free DVD's and Toolkits to anyone interested in organizing a screening and discussion about the Farm Bill. It includes 3 short videos.