Someone Cut 'The Room' Into An Awesome Prince Song Parody

Scientists believe "The Room" is the reason doves cry.

Here’s proof that the power of Prince can transform what’s arguably the worst film ever made into something you can dance to.

If you’ve never seen 2004′s “The Room,” the notoriously bad film written, directed and produced by mystery man Tommy Wiseau, don’t feel any pressure to do so from us. (Though it’s relevant again this year thanks to James Franco’s biopic “The Disaster Artist,” based on a book about how the project came together.)

“The Room” is not for everyone. But this video may convince you to give it a shot.

Super Deluxe took some of the scenes and dialogue from “The Room” and crafted them into a really entertaining parody of a Prince song.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story’s headline made an “Oh, Sheila” joke in which we misspelled Sheila. It’s also not a Prince song