Oh, So You're Not Sure or Don't Know How? Good News!


One of my favourite blog post titles of all time, and one which I have been known to quote or otherwise plagiarize one or a hundred times, is "I Don't Know How Is Not a Valid Excuse." It's an article written by Steve Pavlina (my fave blogger equal of course with the awesome James Altucher who I followed way before anyone else knew about him SO THERE), and you should totally go and read it. After you read this.

Because right now, this:

Being uncertain is part of business beautiful. It's part of life, but heck I've only had half a coffee so far and it's too early to get all deep and meaningful on you. Except, well - how you do business IS how you do life is how you do YOU, isn't it?

Yes. It is.

Which means that if you're not right now doing business in a way that fucking RULES (for you, who gives a toss what anybody else thinks about it!) then, well, you're kind of failing.

At life.

At you.

And I have to say, even this early in the morning and in my under-caffeinated and so therefore not quite ranty state:

That kind blows honey.

I mean really? Really?!

THIS is how you want to stake your claim on the world? This is all you want to make of yourself? This is who you choose to BE?

Well ... okay then. If that's what makes you happy. Good for you!

Only thing?

It doesn't. Does it? Not because you shouldn't or COULDN'T be happy settling in the way you are now, not fully putting yourself out there, not truly giving it your ALL, but because, well, plain and simple and nothing that anybody can do to change who you ARE:

It just.



Well that should be fucking obvious to both of us, shouldn't it?

Because you were born for more.

Because you are a leader.

Because you have a message.

Because you know it.

Because it's not going anywhere ... not that you'd want it to but by God you'd think so at times based on the way you act!

But most of all, yes - because you are a REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING LEADER.

And leaders gotta lead sister.

Leaders gotta create.

Leaders gotta write speak and SELL THEIR truth every. single. day.

So when you get up in the morning and you don't FEEL like it, or you don't know how, or you're overwhelmed and unsure or you feel STUCK and just WAAAAAAAAAA because hmmph! you should feel energised and lit up and motivated and on ALL. THE. TIME., there's really only one thing for it:

Suck it up warrior princess.

And do the fucking work.

And if you think I'm just up here in my Bali luxury high house (had to throw that in!!) with all my success and my money and the fact that I DO own who I am as a leader and I do have a TRIBE and I'm starting my REVOLUTION and perhaps I even KNOW more than you about the online game, well let me tell you something:

I can play the stuck game with the best of 'em.

I did NOT feel one little bit like writing this post. I still don't feel completely 'in my flow'. Today is a message I am writing with fingers that feel like mini bananas for some reason (why is it so hard to TYPE sometimes?!), with a body that feels tense and angry (wtf am I angry about? I don't know! Now I'm angry that I'm angry!), with an energy that feels, well, stuck. Creating? Today? Can't do. Not in the right headspace.


You think it's going to improve the situation to dwell on why you're stuck or what's 'wrong with you' or what you need to figure out?



And just pretty plain darn stupid as well, given the whole YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON THING.

But mainly?

Leaders gotta lead.

Leaders gotta create.

Leaders gotta stand up and own their truth even when it's not pretty OR inspiring.

So here I am. Owning my truth for today. Saying SOMETHING. Getting SOMETHING out there for you. Sharing my clumsy awkward message based on what is real and TRUE for me right now, because today is not a day for me to rant, or to be fired up, or to be overly aggressive, and it's sure as heck not a time right now for me to try and give you TIPS or TEACHINGS, because right now I need to clear some shit for ME.

So sorry.

It's actually all about me.

And what I need.

(All the time, but don't tell anyone).

And I suspect, also, just quietly, that maybe someone out there also feels stuck today, blah, like I have nothing to say and nobody cares anybody and maybe I even hate the world a little bit and just wanna go have a 2 hour massage then walk on the beach for an hour then lay down and have a nap and THEN maybe I can be 'in the zone'.

Well, y'know. I could do that today. Literally. And perhaps I will.

And we could all escape, or switch off, or put things off any time we choose, really. And sometimes? Yes. Do it.

But when you look back over the past week, month, fucking LIFETIME and you realise that the vast majority of your days have comprised you PUTTING OFF FOR ANOTHER DAY WHAT SHOULD BE DONE NOW - which is to say fucking living life the way you were born for - well.


Are the least of your problems.

Because one day that final bell WILL toll and one day it WILL be too late but putting aside even THAT:

Do you ENJOY living that way?!

I know I sure as fuck don't feel better about things when I wallow in uncertainty, or stuckness, or blahness, when I take the cop out road of NOT creating because wahhhh! I don't WANNA be a leader today! I don't WANNA create anything today! I don't wanna wanna wanna wanna!

Leaders gotta lead.

Leaders gotta create.

And you KNOW I'm not talking just because of the very real TRUTH that CONSISTENCY in serving, in messaging, in damn well just SHOWING UP is pretty much the only thing that guarantees success, but also because it is what YOU need for YOU.

When you feel stuck: ACT UNSTUCK.


When you don't KNOW: Act as though you know some-fucking-thing! I bet you know SOMETHING?! Please tell me you know at least SOMEthing?! Just do that!

When you're not sure: Sothefuckwhat! What does CERTAINTY have to do with anything?! Oh, so you thought you had to be ready and sure and have 'clarity' (where on earth DO they sell that by the way 'cause I have a hard time tracking that shit down!) before you could take action?

Please excuse me while I go and methodically smack my head against the wall 1000 times.

Because that's what you're doing.

With your business.

With your life.

With you.

I said that consistency is the only thing that guarantees success, but there's a disclaimer, actually.

Consistent ACTION is the only thing that guarantees success.

And actually it's consistent ALIGNED action if you wanna get really specific.

"Aha, Kat!", I hear you say - "But I don't feel aligned today, I NEED TO GET ALIGNED so I can take consistent action! I can't wait! It's going to be SOOO GOOD!"

Oh you foolish FOOLISH child.



Please don't tell me you buy into that bullshit.

Alignment is whatever the fuck it is right NOW.

Right now me starting this clumsy awkward I DON'T WANNA blog post is me acting out of alignment of WHO I AM RIGHT now also based on the alignment towards who I CHOOSE TO BE.

What that means:

Yes I feel - scratch, FELT, because the writing has already cured me at this point (HA back to you - leaders gotta lead, creators gotta create and THAT is the answer) - anyway, FELT stuck and OUT of alignment.

BUT my 'big picture' of who I CHOOSE to be based on the life I know I am here to live and the OUTCOMES I've decided are already CLAIMED AS MINE is that, quite simple, I am a revolutionary fucking leader and leaders?

Well leaders gotta lead.

And the empire I want to build, am building, the revolution I want to lead, am leading, the tribe I want to create, HAVE CREATED?

Well that awesome shiz didn't happen cause I sat back not feeling like stuff.

Or because I let STUCK be a guiding force in how I ACT.

Or because I waited for fucking inspiration to be inspired! Ha! Good one, by the way, if you think THAT is a thing.

It happened, quite simply, because I pulled my socks up. And I got to work.

Whether or not I felt like it.

Whether or not I knew how.

Whether or not ANYBODY was listening and let me tell you there were YEARS there where (largely 'cause I wasn't consistent and didn't fully own it) that NOBODY WAS LISTENING and nobody was buying what I REALLY wanted to do so just on a side and yes I have finished my coffee now so SLIGHTLY ranty note:

I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF NOBODY IS RESPONDING TO YOUR STUFF YET. Show up and do the damn work bitch, every single day. If you have not been consistent for AS LONG AS IT TAKES then no you don't deserve the outcomes because you're not committed and you're not actually going all out!

How long will it take?

As long as it bloody well takes! You're either in this gig for LIFE because it IS you're life, or get the fuck off the internet and make way for the true leaders. Not that they need you to make way for them. But still. Stop crowding shit up with your pretend little message and business.


Can I tell you something? "The Secret", if you will.

Leaders gotta lead sister.

And leaders gotta lead.

So if you're a leader, and a revolutionary fucking one at that, then it's really very simple:

There are no excuses.

Now get to work.

Bitch ;)

Remember -

Life is Now. Press Play.

Kat Loterzo