Oh, You Little Heartbreaker! The Ultimate List of Ugly Cry Novels

Sometimes it just feels good to let it all out. Why do we love to read sad stories? Are we masochists, or does a good cry maybe serve a cathartic purpose in our own lives? Here are 18 novels about love that will tear out your heart and turn on the water works like nothing else.
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Sometimes it just feels good to let it all out. Why do we love to read sad stories? Are we masochists, or does a good cry maybe serve a cathartic purpose in our own lives?
Regardless of why we like to let the tears flow, here are 18 novels about love that will tear out your heart and turn on the water works like nothing else.

1. Forbidden, Tabitha Sazuma, June 26, 2012. The ultimate tale of forbidden love. No matter how you feel about the subject matter, Lochan and Maya 's relationship is guaranteed to make you think as well as break your heart.

Inclement weather on the horizon.


2. Taking Chances, Molly McAdams, October 16, 2012. An angsty, gut-wrenching love triangle about new love between Harper, Brandon and Chase that will leave you not knowing who to root for, but either way will bring you to tears.

Steady drizzle with occasional showers.


3. Hopeless, Colleen Hoover, December 18, 2012. Sky and Dean are on an emotional journey of discovery that will illuminate the secrets of their past. Contrary to the title, this book will make you feel everything but hopeless.

Severe thunderstorms.


4. Me Before You, Jojo Moyes, December 31, 2012. A love story between Louisa and Will that blossoms under the most difficult circumstances. Could you respect the wishes of your lover when doing so would break you apart, forever?

Tsunami. Evacuation possible.


5. Edge of Never, J. A. Redmerski, March 12, 2013. A beautiful, slow burn romance between Camryn and Andrew. Sexy and emotional and sure to turn on the water works even in the most cold-hearted.

Heavy rain and hail.


6. When It Rains, Lisa De Jong, September 24, 2013. The only person who can help Kate forget her pain is the one person she's supposed to stay away from. A story of loss and healing that requires at least one box of tissues.

Rain for days. Downpour.


7. Fighting Redemption, Kate McCarthy, November 20, 2013. A-lifetime-of-love story that shows being together can sometimes be more difficult than being apart. Fin and Ryan's journey will have you red-eyed and crying.

Watch for flash flooding.


8. Left Drowning, Jessica Park, July 16, 2013. It's difficult to say who's life is more tragic, Blythe's or Chris', but Park makes their suffering palpable and their story will, without a doubt, leave you tearful.

Heavy precipitation coming, watch for tornados.


9. Ruin, Rachel Van Dyken, August 11, 2013. Kiersten is depressed and anxiety ridden until gorgeous quarterback Wes charms his way into her life. But his secret will take her from rescued to ruined and leave you feeling the same.

Prepare for steady showers.


10. Carnage, Lesley Jones, February 12, 2014. An epic, lifetime-of-love story between childhood friends Sean and Georgia. Enter another man, Cam, and a tragic twist; this is a novel that will have you bawling.

Showers with intermittent thunder and lightning. Gale force rain and winds.


11. Against All Odds, Angie McKeon, April 1, 2014. An impressive debut novel that exposes the heartbreak of a toxic, failing marriage. Emotional, full of ups and downs and plenty of tears to go around.

Dark and looming thunderstorms.


12. Mudvein, Tarryn Fisher, April 5, 2014. This dark story is full of suspense, mystery and profoundly beautiful prose. You won't be able to predict the ending for Senna and Isaac, but you should prepare yourself for a steady stream of tears.

Levees at maximum.


13. Playing in the Rain, Jane Harvey Berrick, July 1, 2014. Ava and Cody's love is sweet and sincere and eternal, but unfortunately life is not. A love and adventure story that reminds us to be grateful for what we've got.

Cloudy with a chance of heavy rainfall.


14. Brightside, Kim Holden July 6, 2014. The ultimate do-gooder taxed with the absolute worst situation. But Kate smiles through it all and loves deeply, reminding us all to "do epic" and be the best we can be with whatever is given to us.

Tempest of tears.


15. Summer Remains, Seth King February 14, 2015. Summer sets out to find love during what might be her last summer, and find it she does, in Cooper. A rip-your-heart out tale of unconditional love.

Expect floods.


16. 120 Days, M. Stratton, August 29, 2015. Samantha and Ethan start out at odds about life and death, but when love blossoms between them, Ethan begins to find beauty and realize what really matters in life.

Beware of run-off and overflow. Cyclone watch.


17. Give Me Yesterday, Elle Christensen and K Webster, September 23, 2015. Tori and Chase are sidelined by tragedy in their lives more than once. You'll definitely be crying along with them as their relationship blossoms and they work through their grief.

Scattered, heavy showers.


18. Swelter, Nina G. Jones, September 29, 2015. Set in the 1950s, this heartbreaking tale of love and loss will have you sweating and wailing long before you reach the end.

Heat index high, but with complete saturation.


As always, I'm sure there are some great ones we missed, so go ahead and add your favorite ugly cry reads in the comments below. A special thanks to all of the authors for permission to use their cover photos. As well as to the fantastic romance book bloggers who helped compile the list, Michelle at After Dark Book Lovers http://afterdarkbooklovers.com, Dawn at The Rock Stars of Romance https://www.trsor.com/rock-report, Mo at The Scarlet Siren http://www.thescarletsiren.com, Cleone and Mary at My Book Shame http://mybookshame.com and Sunny Rose.

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