OHEA Smart Bed: The Bed That Makes Itself

All kids remember being nagged by mom or dad to make their beds. Even as grownups, making the bed is still an annoying chore -- especially one that needs to be done again 12 hours later. But Spanish furniture maker OHEA is trying to ease the tedium. Behold the OHEA Smart Bed, a bed from the future that makes itself.

In 50 seconds, the bed's mechanical arm, equipped with two rollers, guides a blanket up to the head of the bed. Simultaneously, the pillows are lifted by cords so that the blanket can be fully stretched. Once the blanket is tucked in, the pillows will drop back down, leaving your bed freshly made and presentable. The bed also has a safety feature built in to ensure that it can’t be activated while a person is in the bed. A switch on the bed frame offers manual and automatic settings, the latter of which understands when the bed is empty, causing the bed making to commence after three seconds. For now, OHEA's website lists the Smart Bed as "soon on sale" and does not indicate how much it may cost.

OHEA's video demonstration shows the Smart Bed in action, but also reveals some potential drawbacks and limitations. For one, it seems that in order for the bed to make itself, users will need to be a relatively tidy sleepers. The video also does not indicate if extra or heavier covers and sheets could be added. Still, for generations of grown-up kids who still hate making their beds, this is a good first step to ending the universal morning chore.