Ohio Cheetah Clocks In At 36 MPH: Faster Than Usain Bolt (VIDEO)

Ohio Cheetah Clocks In At 36 MPH Faster Than Usain Bolt


(AP) CINCINNATI — The Cincinnati Zoo says one of its cheetahs has become the fastest land mammal on record – twice.

Zoo officials say an 8-year-old female named Sarah ran 100 meters in just over 6 seconds Wednesday. That breaks the old record set in 2001 by a cheetah in South Africa by a few hundredths of a second.

Later, Sarah ran a slightly faster time. The speed translates to more than 36 miles per hour.

The cat was clocked at a breeding center on a certified course. Cheetah records are maintained by conservation groups and zoos.

The human 100-meters record holder is Usain (yoo-SAYN') Bolt of Jamaica. He's a relative slowpoke at over 9 seconds.


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