Ohio Dentist Wants To Buy Halloween Candy From Kids

Sweet Offer -- Dentist To Buy Back Halloween Candy

MANSFIELD, Ohio -- It's hard to imagine that there will be eager children lined up around the block to take part in this anti-cavity dental deal next week.

An Ohio dentist is offering to buy kids' trick-or-treating booty this Halloween. He's even throwing in a toothbrush to sweeten the deal, so maybe it will be like taking candy from a baby.

The Mansfield News Journal reports that dentist Craig Callen and his associates are offering kids $1 per pound of candy they bring in, with a 5-pound limit per child. The dentists are also holding a drawing for two children's bikes.

"Kids can have the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well," Callen told the paper.

Callen says brushing teeth and visiting a dentist are good preventive measures, but doing away with excess sweets would give teeth a healthy boost.

Excess candy can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain and can be especially damaging to children's braces, according to the dentist.

The candy buyback programs are an annual event across the country and in New Hampshire, there's a dental practice that will purchase confections from children and ship the goodies to troops overseas.

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