Ohio Early Voting: Long Lines Reported Outside Polling Places

Ohio Voters Face Long Lines

Ohio voters are facing extremely long lines at polling locations on Sunday. Early voting in the state has been reduced from the five weekends before the election to only the weekend right before Election Day.

A federal appeals court ruled against Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted and in favor of the Obama campaign in October, allowing hours to be extended in the final three days before the election. Husted took the case to the Supreme Court, which declined to hear it.

Early voters in 2008 were much more likely to be African-American in the Ohio counties that include the major population centers of Columbus and Cleveland, according to a study by Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates. Blacks accounted for 56 percent of all in-person early votes in Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, while they accounted for 26 percent of votes overall, the study found. In Franklin County, which includes Columbus, African Americans cast 31 percent of early votes and 21 percent of votes overall.

HuffPost reader Lea McBooth sent the following photos from Cleveland:

ohio early voting

ohio early voting

HuffPost reader Ethan Geiling sent this photo from the Franklin County Early Voting Center in Columbus, Ohio:

ohio early voting

Here is one in Florida, having its own election problems:

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