Students Disciplined For Labeling Water Fountains 'Whites Only,' 'Blacks Only'

Students at the Ohio high school took images of the racist signs and posted them online.

Students at an Ohio high school have been punished for placing racist signs in the school’s hallway and posting the images online.

Images circulated on social media show water fountains labelled “Whites only” and “Blacks only.” Administrators at Colerain High School near Cincinnati said students posted the signs for about 30 seconds on May 5, took photos and then removed the notes before posting the images on social media.

The incident prompted uproar from parents and an investigation by the school district. In a statement Monday, the Northwest Local School District said it was aware of the “inappropriate and racist message” and that “those who participated in this tasteless and hurtful act have been issued significant disciplinary actions.”

The school district said it informed parents of the incident on the day it occurred. A copy of the letter to parents, dated May 5, said two students had been identified as being involved. It said any students who shared the post on social media would also be disciplined.

“We want to make sure our staff, students, families and community understands where we stand on racial intolerance, discrimination, racism and hatred,” the statement said. “We take this matter very seriously. This type of behavior is not and will not be condoned or tolerated.”

The school has 1,730 students. Around 30% of students are Black and 49% are white, according to U.S. News and World Report.

The notes refer to segregation under Jim Crow laws, which enforced the use of separate water fountains, bathrooms, schools, public transport and other aspects of society between Black and white people before it was outlawed during the civil rights movement.

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