Ohio State Buckeyes Fan Roy Miracle Cheers Team From His Coffin

Roy Miracle died the way he lived, rooting for his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes.

At Miracle's funeral on July 1, his family posed with his body to form the "O-H-I-O" one last time, with the late 80-year-old patriarch occupying the I-slot from his coffin, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

All of the family wasn't on board with the final hurrah. Juli's mother didn't participate in the formation and her brother urged her not do the cheer, but that didn't stop Juli.

"I didn't do it for anybody but Dad and I," his daughter Juli Miracle told the Dispatch. "To me, it was the best honor and tribute to do for him and OSU."

Miracle had someone take a photo of the foursome and she sent the picture to The Ohio State University's website where college boosters share snapshots of Buckeye fans flaunting their school spirit.

"Now Dad is the permanent 'I'" the caption said.

The everlasting bond between sports fans and their favorite teams has created some specialty products in the casket industry. Major League Baseball began licensing coffins in 2008, the Daily News reported.