Student Sinks Impossible Shot To Secure Entire Class 100s On Organic Chemistry Quiz

Total disorder.

An Ohio State organic chemistry class erupted like a volatile reaction when a student made an impossible toss from the mezzanine, guaranteeing everyone in attendance a perfect score on their first quiz.

The student, Vinny Forte (not Benny, as the tweet above suggests), became a back-to-school hero and possibly (definitely not) the next quarterback of the football team with the amazing throw. Seriously, the odds of sinking this shot are only slightly better than finding two electrons in an atom with the same quantum numbers. It just doesn’t happen.

One student clarified the professor’s deal in a post on Reddit:

“Technically, he didn’t. The actual promise was that there would be no quiz, expecting that the shot would miss. Instead, he decided that we still had to take it, but it was based on participation.

Source: Was in the lower floor of that class. The hype and applause that followed was unreal.”

In all seriousness, good luck in organic chemistry.

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