Ohio State University Marching Band Performs Tribute To Video Games During Buckeyes Halftime (VIDEO)

During halftime at the Oct. 6 Ohio State University football game against Nebraska, the Buckeyes' marching band upped the ante on on-field spectacle with a tribute to classic video games, once again demonstrating why they're called "TBDBITL," or "The Best Damn Band In The Land."

Accompanied by brassy performances of musical themes from "Pac-Man" and "The Legend of Zelda" to "Halo," the band showed off some pretty fancy choreographed footwork, animating characters with their ever-shifting formation.

And of course, even though it was a Nebraska game, the band had to throw in a dig at Michigan. The band lowered their rival's flag down the "pole" during a recreation of the iconic scene from "Super Mario Brothers."

The video was posted to YouTube on Oct. 7 by user "handmrow gobucks," who has also recorded past halftime performances by the band, including a space-themed show from September entitled "To Boldly Go."

The undefeated Buckeyes would go on to win the game 63 to 38, extending their streak to 6 games on the season.

(via Reddit)

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