Ohio University Student Accused Of Using Nude Snapchat Photos To Extort Sex


A male Ohio University undergraduate is facing four felony charges for allegedly using nude photos sent through Snapchat to blackmail a fellow male student into performing sex acts.

Dorian Graham, 19, is accused of posing as a female and entering into an online relationship with a 20-year-old male student. According to prosecutors, Graham convinced the other student to send nude photos through Snapchat, which allows photos to be sent for a brief viewing before being automatically deleted.

Prosecutors said the nude photos were then made public on Instagram and the unidentified victim was told by the imaginary woman that to get the photos deleted, he had to engage in sexual activity with Graham in Adams Hall on Ohio University's campus. Graham allegedly posed as both the nonexistent woman and the man the student had to have sexual contact with, WBNS reports.

Still believing that a woman was blackmailing him, the unidentified student engaged in sexual activity with Graham on Sept. 23 and the encounter was allegedly recorded, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

At some point after the sexual encounter, the male student realized there was no woman, according to the Dispatch. Court documents said Graham allegedly attempted to blackmail the student again, at which point the 20-year-old contacted campus police. Graham was indicted on Nov. 25 and charged with sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, extortion and attempted extortion.

"It was just another instance of social media and people being too free with their thoughts and what they're doing," Athens County Prosecuting Attorney Keller Blackburn told WXIX. "We have to remember that when we do things involving social media, that these things are out there forever."

Graham pleaded not guilty on Dec. 4 and is scheduled to go to trial in February.

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