Oil Spill: Gulf Pets Abandoned As Owners Can No Longer Afford To Care For Their Animals (VIDEO)

HEARTBREAKING VIDEO: Gulf Pets Are Abandoned As Oil Spill Leaves Owners Desperate

When people think of the animals affected by the oil spill, tragic images of crude-coated sea turtles and pelicans come to mind. The unseen animal victims of the oil spill are the hundreds of Gulf pets that are overflowing area animal shelters, as their owners -- left unemployed by the BP oil spill -- are forced to give them up, unable to afford caring for them.

CNN reports from Louisiana, showing the heartbreaking scene of countless puppies and kittens torn from their families, and facing euthanasia if homes are not found. The Louisiana SPCA is even forced to send animals to other states, as there just isn't enough room to house all of the orphaned pets.

While the SPCA recently set up a donation-based fund to support out-of-work fisherman with pet food and veterinary care , they still don't have enough money to help everyone. Ana Zorilla of the SPCA thinks that BP should pay to support pets that are being forced out of their homes as a consequence of the oil spill. For families already confronted with the loss of their livelihood and struggling to support themselves as a result, having to say goodbye to the family pet is just "one more blow on top of everything else," she says.

GO HERE to help Gulf pets stay with their families.

WATCH the unseen animal casualties of the Gulf oil spill:

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