Oil Spill: Jimmy Buffett Talks To Anderson Cooper From The Gulf (VIDEO)

WATCH: Angry Jimmy Buffett On Hometown Gulf Beach, 'It's Depressing As Hell!'

In this clip from CNN, famous "Margaritaville" musician and Gulf coast resident and business owner Jimmy Buffett talks to Anderson Cooper about his reaction to the BP oil spill. "You're not human if anger isn't your first emotion," Buffett tells Cooper while walking along a Gulf beach where he spent many of his younger days. Jimmy expresses his frustration with "people in the extraction business", as protection of the Gulf is clearly not their primary concern.

When Cooper asks Buffett how he feels about the sight of tarballs littering the beaches he grew up on, he exclaims, "It's depressing as hell!" Jimmy also talks about the unforeseen long-term effects of the chemical dispersants being used on the spill, and about the incredible resilience of the Gulf population to withstand any crisis thrown their way.

When asked how long he thought the disaster would initially last, Buffett laughingly replied, "I've been in show business a long time, and I know liars when I hear them."

WATCH Jimmy Buffett talks to Anderson Cooper on the oiled beaches of the Gulf coast:

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