Oil Spill Threatens Native American Village In Louisiana (VIDEO)

WATCH: Oil Spill Threatens Native American Village In Louisiana

In this video, National Geographic visits Grand Bayou, Louisiana, a small village on the Gulf coast whose Native American inhabitants subsist off the land around them. There are no cars in the town, as it is built in above the marshy waters, and the inhabitants use only boats to get around. As oil begins to encroach on their land, residents are threatened with the imminent destruction of their long-standing livelihood.

One of Grand Bayou's residents, Ruby Ancar of the Atakapa-Ishak Tribe, says, "Nature you can't control. We can't control the hurricane, and the people can't control the tornado, but when you have things that man made...and that destroys a person's way of life, or entire village, or entire community...that's uncalled for."

WATCH how the oil spill threatens a Native American "water" village:

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