'Orange Is The New Black' Continues To Flip Lesbian Stereotypes

The Amazing Way 'OITNB' Depicts Sex And Love

"Orange Is the New Black" has proven to be revolutionary on more levels than one. The Netflix series has received acclaim for its diverse representation of women, race, socio-economic status, body type and sexuality.

Slate's culture critic and LGBT Outward editor June Thomas narrates a video that shows just how game-changing the second season of "OITNB" is when it comes to depictions of lesbians relationships. Unlike any other show with LGBT characters, from "The L Word" to "Faking It," to any other series that has that one random storyline of girls kissing girls, "OITNB" has done something realistic and relatable. Check out the video above, which has graphic sexual content and Season 2 spoilers.

[via Slate]

Season 2 of "Orange Is the New Black" is streaming on Netflix.

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"Orange Is The New Black"

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