You'll Never Believe How Many 'Orange Is The New Black' Actors Were On 'Law & Order: SVU'

If you're an actor, it's practically a requirement to have a guest role on "Law & Order: SVU" at some point in your career. Nearly everyone's done it, either before or after they've made it big.

Fans of "Orange Is the New Black" know that Pablo Schreiber, who plays George "Pornstache" Mendez, had a multiple-episode guest spot on the latest season of "SVU." Yet Schreiber isn't the only one from Litchfield who has been thrown behind bars or questioned on "SVU." We decided to do some deep digging to find out just how many "Orange" cast members have appeared on the police procedural. The results may surprise you, and they also may send you into an extensive "SVU" binge. (You've been warned.) Here are the "OITNB" actor cameos on "SVU":

Pablo Schreiber - Pornstache
Pablo Schreiber, who plays the much-hated prison guard nicknamed Pornstache, made multiple guest appearances in Season 15 of "SVU" as well as in the Season 14 finale as William Lewis. Lewis has a good amount of Pornstache's repulsive qualities, but he's way, way worse.
Kate Mulgrew - Red
Kate Mulgrew may be hard to recognize out of her "OITNB" character Red's eponymous hair color, but this is indeed the actress in "Law & Order: SVU." Mulgrew made a cameo in Season 7, Episode 21, "Web."
Natasha Lyonne - Nicky
Natasha Lyonne plays drug addict Nicky in "OITNB," but in her "SVU" guest role from Season 13's episode "Educated Guess," she's an even more troubled character living in a psychiatric ward.
Taryn Manning - Pennsatucky
Taryn Manning is fantastic as the born-again Christian Pennsatucky in "Orange." In her cameo in a Season 12 "SVU" episode, "Possessed," she gives a stellar performance as a victim of rape.
Lea DeLaria - Big Boo
Real-life comic Lea DeLaria plays Big Boo in "OITNB," an inmate with a penchant for creative (and sometimes gross) ways to give herself an orgasm. The real-life comic made a cameo in the Season 10 episode of "SVU" titled "Transitions."
Laverne Cox - Sophia Burset
Laverne Cox plays the amazing Sophia Burset, a transgender inmate, in "Orange Is the New Black." Cox made two "Law & Order" cameos, first in "SVU" Season 9 episode "Closet," and later in the original series.
Barbara Rosenblat - Miss Rosa
Barbara Rosenblat plays Miss Rosa in "OITNB," an inmate with cancer whose thrilling backstory we learn about in Season 2. Rosenblat made a cameo in the "SVU" Season 10 episode "Transitions" alongside "OITNB" co-star Lea DeLaria, and another in Season 6 episode "Rage."
Nick Sandow - Caputo
Prison counselor Joe Caputo, or shall we say the bassist of "Side Boob" in "OITNB" Season 2, made a cameo in "SVU" Episode 17 of Season 7, "Class." It's pretty ironic that Sandow is behind bars in this photo, but he actually played an undercover agent.
Alysia Reiner - Natalie Figuroa, "Fig"
Alysia Reiner's Fig is not the most likable character in "OITNB," although we do see a lot more of her telling backstory in Season 2. Reiner appeared in "SVU" Episode 9 of Season 4, "Juvenile."
Kimiko Glenn - Brook Soso
We only just met Kimiko Glenn's character Brook Soso, one of the newest inmates in Season 2 of "OITNB." If you recognized her on "OITNB," it's likely because you saw her in a recent "SVU" episode, Thought Criminal," in which she goes undercover to catch pedophiles.
Constance Shulman - Yoga Jones
Constance Shulman's Yoga Jones is one of the coolest characters on "Orange Is the New Black." Between Seasons 1 and 2 she made an appearance on "SVU" Season 15's "Wednesday's Child" as a day care manager.
Selenis Levya - Gloria Mendoza
Selenis Levya, who plays Gloria Mendoza in "OITNB," had quite the "Law & Order" career before the Netflix series. Levya made an appearance in "Hysteria," the fourth episode of "SVU." However, she appeared first on the original "Law & Order" as Detective Rivera, a recurring role up until 2010. She also made three separate cameos on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent."
Elizabeth Rodriguez - Aleida Diaz
Elizabeth Rodriguez plays Daya's mother, Aleida, on "OITNB," but she also made a guest appearance on "SVU" Season 13 episode "Home Invasions."
Michael Chernus - Cal Chapman
On "OITNB" Michael Chernus plays Piper's hippie brother Cal, who uses vegetable oil instead of gas in his car. He appears alongside "OITNB" co-star Natasha Lyonne in the "SVU" episode "Educated Guess," in which he plays a patient in a psychiatric hospital ward.
Vicky Jeudy - Janae Watson
In "OITNB," Vicky Jeudy plays inmate Janae Watson, the former high school track star. Between Seasons 1 and 2 of the Netflix show, Jeudy played Officer McKenna in the recent "SVU" episode "Amaro's One-Eighty."
Michelle Hurst - Miss Claudette
Michelle Hurst played Miss Claudette in Season 1 of "OITNB," but did not reprise her role in the second season. Hurst has appeared in three "SVU" episodes, including Season 1's "The Third Guy," Season 2's "Legacy" and Season 4's "Desperate."
Annie Golden - Norma
Annie Golden plays Red's right-hand woman, Norma, who never says a word in the show. Golden made a cameo in the Season 7 episode of "SVU" titled "Taboo," and has also appeared in the original "Law & Order."
Joel Garland - Scott O'Neill
On "OITNB," Joel Garland plays C.O. Scott O'Neill who we get many hilarious lines from in Season 2. Garland has made two cameos in "SVU," including Season 5's episode "Serendipity" and Season 7's "Raw."

Season 2 of "Orange Is the New Black" is streaming on Netflix.

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