OJ Guilty

I wondered if I would ever see this day. I'm glad I lived to see it.

As I recently wrote, I've been reporting on the exploits of Orenthal James Simpson since that day in June 1995 when I stood in the blood of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

With his trusty, longtime defense attorney Yale Galanter at his side, Simpson had maintained to a Las Vegas jury that it was okay for him to burst into a hotel room with a group of goons with guns and take back his memorabilia. And I'm sure deep in his heart he believes that. It was not an act -- Simpson truly believes the world is out to get him and that he can operate under a different set of rules. He likely never thought that when he burst in and barked out the command that "No body leaves this room," that the kind of action constitutes kidnapping. Kidnapping was one of the dozen charges Simpson was found guilty of committing.

Part of me says, "Finally! Justice has caught up with him." What I really mean by that is that he's finally going to be where he should have been 13 years ago after he murdered Nicole and Ron. But make no mistake about it. OJ Simpson is not going to prison for that. He's going to prison because his escapade in that Vegas hotel room was caught on both audio and video tape and this time there was just no talking his celebrity way out of it.

I guess it doesn't matter why he's in prison. After his December 5th sentencing we may learn he's in for what amounts to a life sentence. But if I'm the family of Nicole or Ron Goldman I'm not sure I'm feeling satisfied or particularly victorious.

There will be an appeal, and as I predicted it will likely be based, in part, on the make-up of the all-white jury.

So be it. For now it feels good to say, "Mr. Simpson, meet Lady Justice..."

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