'American Crime Story' Is Over, But The Trailer For ESPN's O.J. Simpson Documentary Is Finally Here

The first look at the much-anticipated documentary.

If the Tuesday night finale of FX's "American Crime Story: The People vs O.J. Simpson" has you wondering how you are going to feed your latest true crime obsession, fear not, because ESPN has you covered.

On Friday, the first trailer for the much-anticipated documentary “O.J.: Made in America" was released, and it's just what you need if you are jonesing for more information on The Juice.

According to ESPN, the 450-minute doc "centers around two of our country’s greatest fixations: race and celebrity." "Made In America" takes an in-depth look at Simpson's life and career successes in the NFL and Hollywood before going through the "trial of the century," all the way to his recent imprisonment for a robbery and kidnapping conviction.

The film, directed by Ezra Edelman, is set to screen at the Tribeca Film Festival later this month and will premiere on June 11 on ABC.

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