OKCupid Online Dating Chart Depicts Blogger's Hellish Dating Cycle (PHOTO)

LOOK: Is This The Cycle Of Online Dating?

For singletons of the fairer sex, sometimes online dating can closely resemble a hellish merry-go-round where one sifts through batches of duds disguised as studs and armed with equally bad grammar and breath.

The ups; the downs. The fleeting moments of connection with a prospective suitor; the avoidance of that awkward kiss goodbye. Then for a moment, it becomes apparent that flying solo can be fabulous -- until it's not.

At that point, there's no other choice but return to the inevitable: The profile gets reactivated, most flattering pictures posted next to a witty self-description and yes, the cycle begins, again.

If you're not nodding in agreement, it's because you're attached and have no single friends forced down into society's deep dark bowels of what is called online dating. But if you are nodding, read on.

Now, one blogger has managed to capture that very accurate singleton account in a rather entertaining illustration.


okcupid online dating chart

First posted on the Tumblr blog I Love Charts, the genius home-made graphic is the work of blogger Meghan Mess.

... I was feeling good and made a little illustration about my internet dating cycle. Notice that at no point does it say “Relationship!” or “successfully land a boyfriend.” Obviously I haven’t figured out how to do that.

Of course, this experience is something that might resonate with a number of online daters -- male and female. But if men have such a tough time, why would they be making Excel spreadsheets to manage their numerous liaisons.

What do you think, ladies? Is this graphic an accurate depiction of Internet dating? Or did you meet your partner in a way that not even a hit romantic-comedy could compete with?

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