OK Go's 'Needing/Getting' Chevy Ad/Music Video: Behind The Scenes (VIDEO)

Behind The Scenes Of OK Go's Stunt Video For Chevy

If you missed OK Go's spot for Chevy during the Superbowl, you are A) not a tool of corporate hegemony and B) in for a treat! There are now two mesmerizing videos to catch up on -- the music video/ad itself, and the first in a series of cleverly drawn out behind-the-scenes looks at the elaborate operation, which used 1157 homemade instruments and a newly stunt-licensed Damian Kulash to recreate the band's 2010 track "Needing/Getting" with a Chevy Sonic and an obstacle course.

With this high-profile spot, OK Go has publicly claimed their title as kings of the viral music video you want to be too cool to like but secretly love, having evolved from the treadmill guys to the Rube Goldberg Machine guys (always with helpful behind-the-scenes looks). Kulash, the band's ringmaster, has no problem with the identity. In an interview with Car and Driver, he called the band's work so far attempts at creating "joy and wonder and surprise." As for the corporate sponsorship: "If you want to spend your day making stuff, somebody is going to have to help you pay for it."

We now request a behind-the-scenes look at how to get people to pay us to create joy and wonder and surprise, please Damian.

WATCH Behind The Scenes of "Needing/Getting":

WATCH "Needing/Getting":

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