OK Go's 'Muppet Show Theme Song' Music Video (WATCH)

Muppets, OK Go Team For Epic New Viral Vid

The old school Muppets have slowly staged their comeback over the last few years through a number of hilarious viral videos. That includes the series of fake trailers that teased their upcoming film relaunch, "The Muppets," and now that they're just months away from the film's release, they're teaming with the reigning viral video champs to get that one last push.

OK Go, who, having remixed the famed "Muppet Show Theme Song" for the new Jason Segel-driven film, have released the music video for the single, the first off the Muppets' "Green Album." It's a wild technicolor romp filled with callbacks to the Muppets' old TV show, showcasing each character's quirks and even giving a nod to OK Go's most famous video, the homemade treadmill clip for "Here It Goes Again" that launched their own star.

The film, which hits theaters November 23rd, gave a solid preview to fans at the D23 convention, which you can read all about (and see photos from) by clicking here.


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