OK Go's New Zero-Gravity Music Video Is Out Of This World

The band just released the video for their song "Upside Down & Inside Out."

OK Go is soaring to new heights in their latest, atmosphere-breaking music video. 

The band just released the first-ever video filmed entirely in zero gravity for their song "Upside Down & Out Of This World," the opening track on their 2014 album "Hungry Ghosts."

Over the course of three weeks, OK Go flew 21 flights on S7 Airline planes, with 15 zero-gravity parabolas per flight, to rack up more than two hours spent in weightlessness as practice, according to Entertainment Weekly. 

They announced the release of the new video earlier Thursday on Twitter:

OK Go is already known for pushing the limits when it comes to their music videos. They filmed the video for their debut song, "Here It Goes Again," entirely on treadmills, and have since employed mind-bending optical illusions and a massive Rube Goldberg machine to show off their tunes. 

“It was nearly a decade ago that the world started buzzing about commercial space travel and exploration,” OK Go’s singer Damian Kulash, Jr. explained in a press release. “It dawned on me that soon enough people will be making art in space. So for years, we’ve been looking for the opportunity to make a weightless video. I mean, what could be more thrilling that astronaut training?”

Watch the entire video for "Upside Down & Inside Out" below:


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