OK! Makes Deal For Jamie Lynn Pregnancy Story: $1M When Baby's Born


Since the news of Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy broke last night, there has been speculation over why Jamie Lynn and her mom, Lynne, went to OK! Magazine to tell their story. Us magazine reported on their website today that Jamie Lynn's father, Jamie, is "furious with Jamie Lynn and ex-wife Lynne for selling the story of her pregnancy to OK! magazine" and described OK! as "infamous for multi-million dollar payouts to celebrities." In her blog on this site today, Star editor Bonnie Fuller echoed that sentiment, chiding Lynne for possibly profiting off of Jamie Lynn's pregnancy by saying, "the magazine concerned hasn't announced that they paid for this deal, but since they have been very public about paying for other big cover scoops, there's a good chance they paid for this one."

However, TMZ reports the latest: OK! did not pay for this scoop. Rather, OK! will pay Jamie Lynn $1 million when the baby is born. But that's not why Jamie Lynn and Lynne went to OK! over other outlets like Us Weekly. TMZ hears that Lynne trusted OK! to be sympathetic to Jamie Lynn after the magazine delicately handled Britney's photo-shoot-meltdown earlier this year.

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