This Man Is A Veritable OkCupid God

This is Taylor Caraway's OkCupid profile pic. It blew up Reddit earlier this week because -- well, just take look at it -- why wouldn't it blow up on Reddit?

hello ladies

Hellooooo, Taylor.

Needless to say, people on Reddit were all about the ladybug-laden profile photo: "If this man does not get women replying by the hundreds... then I just.. I just don't know anymore," one wrote.

"I'd date the hell out of you just for that pic alone," one lady Redditor confirmed. "Funny and creative gives you serious bonus points."

Indeed it does. In an email interview with The Huffington Post, Taylor told us he believes he's in the "top-ish tier of OkCupid success" -- meaning, "I probably get a response to around 80 percent of my first messages."

"My profile and my pictures are very polarizing, so they're not for everyone -- and that's what I like about them," he said.

Here are a few more of Taylor's zany profile pics (see more of his photos on Instagram):

Taylor Caraway
Very "Mad Men," no?
Taylor Caraway
This could be you... but you haven't messaged Taylor yet.

As popular as the photo was on Reddit, the 32-year-old realizes that crazy ladybug prints from Hobby Lobby aren't everyone's cup of tea. And he definitely tends to have more success with the photo when he ventures outside of his hometown of Oklahoma City.

"When I travel, I get a lot better reactions to that picture and some of the other crazy ones," he said. "A lot of people think the picture is creepy, and I'll be the first to admit it definitely has a strange-ish vibe to it. That just makes me laugh, though. And I have had one or two women tell me they love me just based off the pictures -- true story."

So what's Taylor's best tip for being successful on online dating sites?

"Don't take the whole thing too seriously. I think a lot of people (especially men) tend to way overanalyze every minute detail of the messages they send," he said. "Just keep things lighthearted. Dating should be fun. If you're stressing about it, you're doing it wrong."

And in case you're wondering, Taylor is still single and no, he doesn't wear that ladybug shirt on dates. (Sorry, ladies.)

"I've never worn any wacky shirts on my first dates," he told us. "I like to have fun and create things, but I am a reasonable person who wears reasonable clothes to meet strange women from the internet."

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