OkCupid Ranks Colleges Based On Sex Drive And Attractiveness

Most Brown University students would be willing to have sex on the first date.

The online dating website OkCupid ranked colleges and universities analyzed on the habits of users from those schools and their responses to personality questions to determine a ranking of colleges based on attractiveness, writing, partying and sex drive. 

OkCupid's ranking is limited to the top 20 colleges in U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings of best universities. U.S. News' No. 1 for their 2016 ranking, Princeton University, comes in the top slot in writing, but falls to 15th for OkCupid's attractiveness list. Brown University, ranked 14th by U.S. News, rises to first place for partying, third for attractiveness and second for sex drive. 

The full top 20 ranking of colleges by sex drive, according to OkCupid: 

  1. Yale
  2. Brown
  3. Duke
  4. University of Chicago
  5. Columbia
  6. Stanford
  7. Princeton
  8. Washington University of St. Louis
  9. CalTech
  10. Cornell
  11. UC-Berkeley
  12. Vanderbilt
  13. MIT
  14. Harvard
  15. Rice University
  16. Johns Hopkins
  17. Northwestern
  18. UPenn
  19. Dartmouth
  20. University of Notre Dame
Students walk on the campus of Princeton University in New Jersey. 
Students walk on the campus of Princeton University in New Jersey. 

OkCupid's analysis focused on users ages 18 to 24 who were active during the 2014-15 academic year and had email addresses registered to the schools on the list.

The sex drive ranking is based on data "retrieved from OkCupid questions within the subject matter of sexual activity," the website said. "Higher ranks mean more sexual desire and claimed activity." Attractiveness was determined by "the number of 'likes' and 'passes' a user receives in OkCupid’s Quickmatch," and the partying rank is culled from responses to personality quiz questions about social activities, alcohol and drug use.

OkCupid found some other interesting items about the students at these schools: 72 percent of Brown students would have sex on the first date, compared to 64 percent of University of Chicago who would be willing to do the same. 

Further insights on Brown found they are the most liberal -- with four-out-of-five students identifying as left-wing for their politics -- and they had some of the "highest quality messages" with an average of 236 words written at a 7th grade reading level, OkCupid said. 

Meanwhile, 51.2 percent of of Dukies would prefer having sex with their their partners every single day. And more than two-thirds of Washington University of St. Louis students have higher than average self-confidence.

Two percent of Cornell University students think the Earth is bigger than the sun, John Hopkins students admitted masturbating more than the national average while Dartmouth students masturbate less.