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Comedian's Takedown Of OkCupid Scammer Is Expertly Played

You're bound to come across some questionable individuals while online dating: the suave gents on OkCupid who bombard you with genitalia-filled DMs, for instance, or the Tinder users who group text all their matches. But the seediest of the bunch have to be the scam artists who try to con you into sending money. Yeah, not going to happen.

So how do you deal with them? Let Mike Bobrinskoy show you. In the stand-up clip above, the Chicago-based comedian recounts how he shut down an OkCupid scammer named Alexandra (the bit begins at the 1:12 mark). Alexandra claimed to be a Texas-born model with an affinity for big Italian meals "like Garfield!" and giving pleasure "in and out of the bed."

Naturally, homegirl was in dire need of $850 dollars.

Watch -- and remember, if someone tells you they've got a heart like a waterfall but "instead of water it's [filled] with love and passion," they're probably scamming you.

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