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Oklahoma Joe's Named Manliest Restaurant In America By 'Men's Health'

In August, Men's Health named the nine finalists in its manliest restaurant in America competition, now in its second year. Out of several categories, such as manliest taco stand (Hankook Taqueria) and manliest brew pub (Snake River Brewing), the magazine named the manliest bbq joint -- Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City -- the manliest restaurant in America.

"These are restaurants where grunting is a sign of appreciation, where items on the menu have been around longer than some sports teams, and where, ultimately, the food satisfies what it means to be a hungry man. Round up some buddies, bring a date, and put in some extra sweat equity at the gym—these spots are best enjoyed with good company and a serious appetite,” said Paul Kita, editor of the Guy Gourmet blog for Men's Health.

Oklahoma Joe's is actually situated inside a gas station, which, uh, perhaps gives even more credence to its manliness.

To learn more about Oklahoma Joe's or the other finalists, watch the Travel Channel's hour-long special called “Food Paradise: Manliest Restaurants 2." It airs Wednesday night at 10pm EST. The winner is also revealed in the December issue of Men's Health, which is on newsstands now.

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