Oklahoma Residents Leave Water Out For Mail Carriers During Heatwave, Get Stamp Of Approval

Signed, sealed, delivered -- it’s hot out!

Residents in The Village, Oklahoma, are helping to keep mail carriers cool amid this summer’s heat wave by putting out coolers of icy cold drinks, KOCO reported. Select homeowners are attaching cheery handwritten notes to their hydration stations, encouraging carriers to take their fill and stay safe in the scorching heat.

“It’s got to be rough for them,” resident Tracey Beaves told KOCO. “I almost suffered from a heat spell earlier in the week. I don’t know how they do it.”

The Village, which is just north of Oklahoma City, has experienced extreme temperatures this summer, with the Emergency Medical Services Authority issuing multiple Heat Alerts since June, KFOR and Fox 25 reported. While local news channels have issued tips for how to stay safe in the heat, mail carriers must continue with their jobs, which inspired The Village’s kind initiative.

“Everybody talked about watching yourself out there, watching out for your animals and stuff, but no one's said anything about the mailman,” Beaves told KOCO.

Beaves said she first saw someone share a post on Facebook about leaving water out for mail carriers, and the idea grew into a neighborhood project. After leaving a note on her cooler, Beaves found a handwritten message thanking her.


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