Tornadoes 2013: Oklahoma, Kansas Struck By Deadly Twisters (LIVE UPDATES)

Second Death Reported In Tornadoes' Aftermath

Several tornadoes tore through the central United States on Sunday, injuring dozens and killing at least two people, news sources report.

Oklahoma state medical examiner spokesperson Amy Elliot confirmed to the Associated Press that two people were killed near Shawnee. The victims were identified as Glen Irish, 79 years old, and Billy Hutchinson, 76.


The worst of the damage Sunday appeared to be at the Steelman Estates Mobile Home Park near Shawnee, which is nestled among gently rolling hills about 35 miles southeast of Oklahoma City.

"It took a dead hit," resident James Hoke said. Emerging from a storm cellar where he sought refuge with his wife and two children, Hoke found that their mobile home had vanished. "Everything is gone."

The National Weather Service is predicting more severe weather to hit the area on Monday afternoon and evening.

Thunderstorms and possible tornadoes could compound the destruction from Sunday's twisters. “Homes have been ripped in half. The metal frame has actually been ripped in half," reported Weather Channel storm tracker Jim Cantore. "We're looking at a potential EF-2 rating here."

Below are eyewitness videos of the tornadoes. Click here for more severe weather updates.


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